We translate this mission into six key dimensions blended into our business model.






Many traditional houses in places like Lebanon have been demolished and replaced by high rises. The demolition could have been caused by conflict but mostly by unchecked real estate development. . To preserve a disappearing heritage we look for old balconies, window frames, railings etc.. that end up in scrapyards and we purchase them.  These architectural elements are usually destined to be melted down and would therefore disappear forever. We then transform our finds into one-of-a-kind lamps, tables, mirrors and other decorative items by training and providing dignified employment to people who have no access to the job market



Environmental Stewardship

Over 90% of the contents of the products we create are repurposed and reused materials.  Since the birth of our enterprise we estimate that well over 200,000 lbs of repurposed raw materials have been used in making our products. 


Reconciled Relationships

The concept of broken relationships refers mainly to tensions between different communities mainly in the Middle East. We actively promote the inclusion of persons of diverse faith, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in our work (employees, service providers, advisers and others).  We also build bridges and promote understanding between Middle Easterners and Westerners. We chose the name Beyt for our flagship brand because of its  symbolic meaning of house/home in both Hebrew and Arabic.



Profitable Work

We generate revenues from sales not from donations. We aim to  achieve and maintain financial sustainability  to create benefits for all our stakeholders. We belong to the community of Certified B Corporations,  a community of 1600 companies dedicated to solving social and environmental issues.


Mainly marginalized, homeless and/or disabled poor men or women who have limited access to dignified jobs in the US and the Middle East.  100% of our iron workers are disabled from poor backgrounds and 100% of the female workers we have hired since our creation come from marginalized backgroundsWe spent years perfecting the technique of transforming and up- cycling salvage into art. It takes us many months to train someone in the art of lampshade making or item restoration. 




"We see beauty in everything" as our founder Benedicte puts it.
We particularly concentrate on bringing beauty out of all the dimensions of our work. 

5 core values guide and inspire our work :  




Embracing differences



Our vocation is to become a social enterprise role model that inspires others.

A number of international media outlets covered our story, we're a case study in social entrepreneurship featured in the Harvard Business Review and prestigious universities invite us to share our model and participate as panelists.  We were selected as one of 101 projects of hope, change and innovation from around the world for Impact Journalism Day 2014. This helps us reach a wide audience of students, business people and others . Will the next Bill Gates of social entrepreneurship be among them? 

90% of the raw materials used in our production come from reclaimed elements.

Over 4000 discarded elements of architecture were rescued and turned into art.

Over 200,000 lbs of reclaimed materials were reintegrated in our creation process.

 100% of our iron workers are disabled,

100% of the female workers we hired and trained come from marginalized backgrounds.

Our Near East structure is  a Certified B Corporation.


Check out our social and environmental impact scores: http://www.bcorporation.net/community/2b-design


In addition to the power of inspiration, we believe in the power of collaboration. Leveraging the power of networks for us starts with finding individuals and organizations that share our values and possess resources which we lack.

Here are some values aligned organizations we worked with:



2b design introduced a  home refurbishment program  with this international organization. Not only does it include 2b design’s eligible employees but it also extends to the hundreds of handicapped employees of Arc-en-Ciel, a partner NGO. Habitat refurbishes the apartments of the poorest of our employees when a dwelling is deemed unhealthy and/or presents safety hazards to a family or a person, particularly when they are disabled. Habitat for Humanity makes all the necessary repairs, the employee only pays a third of the total costs of the repairs/upgrades.


Pine Street Inn is the largest organization in New England fighting to end homelessness. We started our collaboration with Pine Street Inn a few months ago. It includes training and hiring homeless women from the Boston community and exploring the use of Pine Street Inn’s handicraft and repair workshop for our salvaged elements. We are starting one person at a time… hoping that this will eventually result in many changed lives!


Arc en Ciel is the largest and most diversified NGO in Lebanon. Our collaboration began 7 years ago when we started using the forge of this organization to craft our wrought iron salvage. This has evolved into a full time relationship where we now have a team of around 8 blacksmiths   who transform our finds into lamp bases, consoles, tables, etc..Thanks to 2b design the blacksmiths are making a decent living and take pride in preserving their common heritage by transforming old pieces of discarded elements into works of great beauty.


Tahaddi is an organization that cares for the poorest of the poor including the destitute  Dom (Gypsy) community living in the slums of Hay el Gharbi in West Beirut.   The organization provides free health care and education to the Doms.  The handicapped son of one of our employees attends Tahaddi school and is cared for by a Tahaddi volunteer, in addition his whole family is provided with health care at Tahaddi’s health center. 2b design aims to increase employment opportunities for women from this gypsy community in close collaboration with Tahaddi.


Community Cooks mobilizes individuals, businesses, civic, educational and faith-based groups to prepare home-cooked food for vulnerable populations seeking assistance from human service agencies in the Greater Boston area. We're part of Community Cooks'  Executive Chefs group, A select group of 7 business partners dedicated to building long-term mutually beneficial relationships.